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LOVE Day in the City of Angels


For the Lovers...

"What is done in love is done well" - Van Gogh

I'd like to preface this list by saying that you don't need to spend money to show your love for your partner and celebrate your relationship, in fact it can be far more meaningful to create something or show your love in the little thoughtful everyday gestures you do, and the quality time you make for each other. But in the spirit of using any excuse to celebrate love (even Valentine's Day) here is a list of a fun things to do in the city of angels!

EAT YOUR HEART OUT Cook your love's favorite meal 

This may be low key but I feel like it never gets old, open up your favorite bottle of wine, put on some music as you cook, maybe dance a little around the kitchen and living room, slowly savor each bite as you eat, hit up some dark chocolate, and line up your favorite films to watch in the comfort of your home. 

FEEL THE BURN Hike to the Wisdom Tree

One of my favorite ways to spend time with my husband is by getting outside in nature and hiking or doing physical activity together. It's such a pure way to connect and the fact that you release endorphins together is an added bonus. The Wisdom Tree hike was a lot more steep than I expected (I recommend wearing hiking shoes) and there is a chest under the tree where you can add a wish together. With stunning views from Studio City, Hollywood, Griffith Park, and the edge of Hollywood Sign, it is definitely romantic.

WATCH Cinespia True Romance Valentine’s Day Party  

Cinespia at the Los Angeles Theatre has an annual Valentine's Day party with True Romance on the big screen and five floors of bars, DJs, and live bands. Tickets are $30-$80

LISTEN Compose LA: Love Notes  - 

Tune into the music and each other over a performance of acclaimed chamber music by LA-based composers, performed by Kaleidoscope. Tickets are free at the door 1 hr before it starts at the Hammer Museum.

HEART-CENTERED SOUL & SOUND HEALING: A Valentine's Day Journey Filled With Sound Healing, Intuitive Messages & Love

PLAY The Naked at the Getty Museum Scavenger Hunt Saturday February 16 2019

An adults-only, nudity-driven scavenger hunt at the Getty (on the weekend of V-Day) is a comical two-hour quest that has guests searching for answers to riddle-like questions in the museum’s bare-it-all paintings and sculptures. Whoever answers the most questions correctly will pick up some swag. No previous art knowledge is required.

GETAWAY Head Out of LA for a Romantic Road Trip Weekend

A nature filled camping trip in Joshua Tree

A coastal trip to Big Sur - Stay at the Ventana 

A foodie-wine centric trip to Los Alamos - Stay at the Skyview Motel 

A ski trip to Big Bear - Rent a cosy cabin on Airbnb

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