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The healing process: 6 Tips on how to deal

In 2017 I experienced a really bad injury and for an active person like myself it was a big challenge, however I tried to look at that time as an enlightening experience. I was forced to be still, be present, and check in with myself. Here are some lessons I learned that might be helpful for anyone who is going through a physical injury or even an emotionally challenging time.

How to deal...

1. Embrace the changes. For me not being able to dance or run has been the most frustrating thing because those are big ways I like to express myself. When I run I do a lot of visualization and manifesting. To embrace this slow time I shifted my focus to other creative outlets that I do have the ability to do, like writing. 

2. Get inspired and motivated. Use this time to soak up inspiration from films, books, podcasts, art, etc. Channel the desire you have to get back to your healthy state as positive energy to propel you forward. Consider recovery time an opportunity to reinvent yourself.

3. Go easy on yourself. Give yourself time to regain your confidence. Try to be gentle and easy with your expectations of yourself. That quote "Celebrate every tiny victory" really applies!

4. Take care of yourself. Do whatever it is you need to do to help your body heal physically, as well as take epsom salt baths, eat clean so you are giving your body the nutrients it needs, get good sleeps, and open yourself up to give and receive love. Nature can also be incredibly healing, so if you are able to get outside for some fresh air, it can really help. Meditation is also very powerful.

5. Reach out. Often when we don't feel like our best selves our first instinct is to hibernate and be alone. However it's better to reach out and connect with the people who love you. They want to support you and often have the best advice or will at the very least take your mind off of what you are going through.

6. Patience is key. Trust and believe that you will move forward and get healthy, but know that your body and mind move at different paces, and all you can do is bring your best self to go along for the ride. Listen to your body and take slow baby steps, doing a little more each day. 

For anyone healing...No matter how small or serious the injury I know it's a bummer but try to make the most of your experience, and despite whatever physical challenges you may be faced with, you can move through it emotionally. 

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