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Taylor truly cares about helping others reach their full potential and that passion and devotion showed up in every aspect of our 1:1 counseling sessions. She always created a space that felt personal and protective. I feel so fortunate for my time with Taylor and would recommend her to anyone who wants to cultivate more self-love and awareness within themselves because she helped me achieve both so beautifully.

Kate R.

Navigating pregnancy for the first time is challenging enough; with Covid it was even more daunting! Having Taylor's help to create personal preferences for my birth was so special. When I got to the hospital, I felt totally prepared with all the information and techniques, much more so than if I’d relied solely on the hospital’s educational classes. Not only were her materials top notch, but the coaching was invaluable.

Our virtual meeting was extremely thorough, capturing all my concerns. She was available anytime for advice and virtual consults. I loved having Taylor involved; the birth would have been a different experience without her!

Vanessa Q.

Working with Taylor was such a gift - she listened so intuitively, guiding me deeper, and always doing so in a way that felt easy and natural. I loved the mix of spiritual counseling and practical actions - I felt really big shifts occur in a very short period of time. Taylor is very gifted at what she does, and does so with so much compassion, respect and care for her clients. I can't wait to work with her again!

Caitlin C.

After going through different mental health struggles for years and trying different methods of therapy I always felt there was a piece missing where I was not finding my true potential. However, working with Taylor I continue to discover parts of myself I never knew, and have made massive mindset changes I didn't know I could achieve. Taylor has the ability to make you feel completely understood. She has truly helped me to become my most authentic self and be confident in the decisions I make. 

Shae N.

Taylor created such a beautiful, peaceful, and safe space from our first session to share what I was feeling. I learned an amazing amount in our three sessions and am so appreciative of the friendship and sense of calm that Taylor provided.

What I found the most helpful was the fluidity of the whole experience. I was able to bring up what I was feeling that day with no set agenda - it was all so personalized. The Soul Care that Taylor provided each week was very helpful and insightful and I can without a doubt say that I have felt more free, confident and more at peace since our time together.

Steph M.




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