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Dani Seitz, Model, Health Coach, Community Builder

Dani Seitz is a model, Health Coach, basketball enthusiast, and volunteers her time as a community builder for multiple different organizations in NYC. Dani also happens to be one of my best friends... so during my visit with her I followed along with her daily routines of life and she showed me the different elements that make up her community. Here we talk about how she came to cultivate it...

T: What are some of the places, or activities that you met your (now) friends through? 

DS: I would go to a lot of health and wellness events including meditations, yoga fitness events and joined sports teams.

T: What are some organizations that you are involved with?

DS: I volunteer my time with Ripe and I organize basketball on the side. I seeked them out because I missed the feeling of doing activities with groups of people. I love getting friends together to play sports, board games, picnics.. anything!

T: You LOVE basketball. Tell us a little about downtown girls basketball and how you got involved? 

DS: Downtown Girls is a women's only pick up team made up of artists, photographers, and writers. I learned about it through a friend and then started playing with them. I don't go as often as I would like since work has be quite busy but whenever I'm free I am there!!

T: You then started "lady ballerz" a passion project to build community around the game of basketball. What inspired you to do this and what is your goal for the initiative? 

DS: Aria McManus started the Downtown Girls Baskteball and I was so impressed in the community of gals that she brought together. One thing that I wanted to add to it was fundamentals. So I decided to start Lady Ballerz with my friend Zoë Colivas. Come fall I'll be organizing a lot more play time!

T: How does your community make you feel? 

DS: It's so dang important to have a community. Without it I felt so lost, it brings me more joy than you can imagine!

T: Any advice for people looking to build their own community?

DS: Do what you love and the community will find you!!! A great site to start is meetup.com.


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