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Erin Carter, Actress, Writer, Producer

Erin Carter studied at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles and was a part of the Canadian Film Centre's Actors Conservatory. Since then she has been on a journey of creating films of her own. Her latest feature film Suck It Up premiered at Slamdance and is making it's rounds in the Canadian Festival circuit this fall. You can catch it in theaters this October. I shadowed Erin around her creative space as she shared some rituals of her artistic process...
T: What are some of your creative rituals?

EC: It’s a kind of an organized chaos thing. I’m very visual, and I love being surrounded by my work in the most literal way. Scripts, photos, references, I love having all of that up on the walls of my apartment. Lots of brown paper and collages. 

I think the word for what I do when prepping is meditation. It’s all about focus for me. Bringing the organized chaos into a focused objective before the shoot itself is key.

T: What are some changes you would like to see in the film industry?

EC: I would love to see an unbiased system for fostering new talent. Mentorship is underrated. 

T: When you want to feel good you… 

EC: Sometimes I just need some space to put thoughts onto paper, sometimes I very much need to watch Netflix alone… but on any given day the answer is more than likely one of the following: a damn good coffee, a well made green smoothie, or a dirty martini. Admittedly I have consumed all three in the past 24 hours. So, I guess sometimes all three. 

T: What is your idea of "Health"?

EC: I think when I moved into my mid twenties the idea of ‘Health’ really shifted for me. It use to be just a number, a hip measurement or an ideal weight, but I think recently I have seen it as more of a lifestyle than a weekly quota. Instead of looking at a scale I started looking for ways to live a full life that would not come back and bite me in the ass in ten years. 

For me mental health is as important as physical, so it also includes things like therapy and time to decompress and reflect. 

T: What do you love most about yourself? When do you feel most confident? 

EC: The eyelashes on my right eye are all white, and the eyelashes on my left are all brown. I struggled as a child quite a lot with bullying because it was so prominent. But I have to say some eyelashes on the right are growing in darker and I am just now realizing its beauty. I use to hate how it set me apart, and now I love it’s divergence from the norm. There’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere, I know it. 

T: If you could go back and give your younger self advice what would it be? 

EC: I wish when someone had told me I wasn't good enough, I had spent less time thinking about how they were right and more time thinking about how to prove them wrong. 

T: Are there any projects you are working on right now that you can tell us about? 

EC: I am currently working on a short film I wrote, that I will be co-directing with Sam Coyle. I’m very excited to have my first directorial experience by her side. It’s a story about a female rock singer, Emmie, and it’s a lot more stylized than anything I have done as both an actor and as a writer.

I am also working on a series called Made With Love. My co-creator and partner, Justine Stevens, are pretty stunned with the amazing feedback we have received from the fanbase. I am really excited about getting Made With Love to a wider audience! 

IG: @erinmcarter

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