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Sonia Hosko, Film & Television Producer

Sonia Hosko served as producer and co-executive producer on all five seasons of the hit television series SAVING HOPE (CTV, Ion) and ROOKIE BLUE (ABC, Global). Sonia recently Co-Executive Produced THE DETAIL (CTV, Ion), and on CBC’s BURDEN OF TRUTH. She was a producer, writer, and director on the anthology of short films LITTLE FILMS ABOUT BIG MOMENTS (HBO Canada), and was thrilled to be a part of such major films as Sarah Polley's AWAY FROM HER (2006), Brian De Palma's REDACTED (2007), and Atom Egoyan's ADORATION (2008).
Sonia was also a creator of the Lexa Pledge, which serves as a guideline for writing positive LGBTQ storylines. 

What kind of projects are you most passionate about making?

Projects that challenge the status quo, that create more queer characters/worlds, and stories that bring people together. I think that the latter is particularly important in this climate. 

Is there anything you'd like to see change for female filmmakers in the film/tv industry? 

Definitely - I would love to see more female directors helming projects, and particularly more queer and diverse women. 

What are some wellness rituals you like to practice in your day? 

I try and begin every day with a 15 minute meditation. For me, it’s something that I prefer to do before I do anything else in my day. I’ve also started doing one before I go to bed. I’m terrible with screens and my phone and if I shut everything down and meditate before I go to bed, I fall asleep much easier. I’m not sure if you would call it a ritual, but another thing I try and do throughout the day, especially if I need to feel lighter, or inspired, is to put on my noise canceling earphones, put music on, light more incense (insert lesbian joke here), and stare out at the world. Listening to music really helps to change my mood and inspire me. 

Recently you have gotten more in touch with your spiritual side. Have you noticed any changes or shifts in your life since you have opened yourself up to this?

Absolutely. And I think that the biggest change is the amount of stillness and peace that it’s brought me. I have, at many points in my life suffered from some pretty severe anxiety and it feels like, fingers crossed, I have a much better grasp on it all. And with the release of that anxiety, I’ve been able to welcome bigger changes in my career and in my personal life. 

What is your super power?

I think that it’s the ease in which I am able to form relationships and take a management position working with people, which can also be my kryptonite. 

You are very passionate about traveling, and went to Bali on your most recent trip. What does travel offer you?

I love to travel more than most things. It allows me to disconnect from my life, it forces me to change perspectives, and allows me experiences that expand my way of thinking. I also love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. But also, it gets me out of Toronto winters. I am a big baby about the cold. Give me an ocean and heat and a surf board and I’m deliriously happy. 

What is a big obstacle that you have learned to overcome in life?

I think that I’ve only really been able to start to overcome this, and part of this came with turning 40, but not caring as much about what other people think, and how I may or may not disappoint them. 

If you are feeling insecure and feel as though you are getting in your own way, what are some things you do to push past that?

I know that when I’m feeling any of those feelings, that I need to ground myself - meditate, spend time alone, listen to music and go inwards. 

What are some things you love most about yourself? 

I guess I would say that I love how big I love. And how very gay I am. 

Any mantra or words you are trying to live by?

Pay attention to how you’re feeling at any given moment, and let your emotions guide you. 


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