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4 Ways to Find More Gratitude This Holiday Season

Tis the season to be jolly and get into that holiday spirit but more often than not this time of year can stir up some difficult emotions. Whether it’s the financial stress that gift buying can bring about, tense family dynamics, thinking of family or friends who are no longer with us, work deadlines, high expectations, or thinking about all the things that you want but don’t have...(Not to be a downer) but these are all totally valid and common challenges to be faced with. 

Here are a few ways to help you push past any negative energy you might be feeling and shift your perspective to call in more gratitude this holiday season...

1) Write a gratitude list 

Take stock of everything you DO have to be grateful for.  Anything that brings you joy or comfort (tiny or big). Keep adding to it over the course of the holiday. Reread it until you actually start expressing gratitude. Say thanks, to yourself for another wild year and give a mental thank you to the people or things on your list, or tell it to them in a card or in person (the best gift you could really give someone).

2) Give

Making gifts, buying gifts, or making a donation are all great...But take that one step further and Volunteer your time to a cause. Even if you commit to giving your time for one afternoon. Knowing that your time is helping someone else and that you are connecting with others while not expecting anything in return has a way of making you feel more whole. It also can offer you perspective and show you that you are not alone, and everyone has their own set of struggles. Giving takes your energy off of your own personal issues and onto others.

3) Take a proper hiatus and go offline

I believe it’s healthy to have breaks from social media and your screen all together. If I’m feeling like I’m not my best self or like I’m not able to radiate love, it usually means I need to love myself more. Unplugging is the best way to tune into the moment and be present. I sometimes delete social apps from my phone anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks. You can also change settings on your iPhone to have a select amount of time on social media apps. Even if the holidays are a beautiful and positive time in your life it can still be a great reason to unplug and soak up all that goodness with no distractions! It will all be there waiting for you when you return with a fresh perspective.

4) Fill your holiday with books, films, art and get creative 

Art can be so therapeutic and healing for the soul. Use this time to get creative, open up a meditative adult coloring book, make some Christmas decorations of your own, paint, get messy, make things with your hands, read, and watch films. Make room for this to be a creative time, or a calming time. A blank canvas as we move into this new year.

Try your best to go easy on yourself and enter into the holidays with no expectations. Whatever happens or doesn’t happen is out of your control anyway. Instead embrace the good little moments in the now with your loved ones. Remember that you always have the power to take the best, and leave the rest in a situation. You don't have to take on other peoples negative energy and you also don't have to stay sitting in your own negative energy. You can make the choice to move through it to find inner peace, joy, and love.

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