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Beauty Insight for the Big Day

Choosing a wedding day beauty look that holds true to your style and spirit can be overwhelming amongst the many other tiny and big decisions one makes when planning a wedding. So before you get lost in the world of bridal mags, deep dive on Pinterest, or book an appointment with a makeup artist I recommend taking some time to think about how you want to feel on your special day, and start by building your look around that. If you ask others (fiancé, mother, sister, friends, even strangers) for their opinion be prepared to get an answer that may go against what you see for yourself, so try to let your wedding be your day to "do you".
If you are going to hire a makeup artist it can helpful to find someone who's work reflects your style and to make sure their personality and energy aligns with yours as they will be in your personal space for a large part of your wedding day and you are most likely going to want calm loving vibes only. 
For my wedding day I knew I wanted to feel like the best version of myself, so I thought about what that meant - there is a side to me that loves glamour when I'm on set or going out to an event, but for the most part I live in light natural makeup that subtly accentuates my more prominent features, so I opted to create something that for lack of a better word married both vibes. I chose to do my own makeup because I felt like I know my face best, and trust the products I use. Putting together photo references (pictured above) with different elements of nature, color, and mood helped to narrow in on the look I wanted to go for...I knew I wanted to feel fresh, comfortable, free spirited, but still pull together something that could be timeless.

For the couple months leading up to my wedding I used Kora Organics Noni Glow Face Oil for hydration and glow. On the day I also used it as a moisturizing base. For concealer I used Clé de Peau concealer stick on any blemishes or areas with redness. I didn't use any liquid foundation as I wanted the my freckles and natural skin to shine through and keep the makeup to a minimum but if you prefer more coverage I recommend their liquid foundation which is also beautifully light in texture. For some glowing sun kissed color I used Ilia's illuminator stick in the shade "Sway" on my cheekbones, nose, and outline of my face. For a touch of that blushing bride effect I used Olio E Osso balm in "No 2 French Melon" on my cheeks and lips. Then I used RMS "Un" Powder on my T-Zone and left my cheekbones dewy. 
For my eyes I used Stila waterproof liquid eye liner and opted to forgo fake lashes because I never wear them in my day to day and again I wanted to look like myself. I curled my lashes and used Lancôme Définicils High Definition Waterproof Mascara and for eye shadow I used RMS Eye Polish "Seduce" and "Solar" shades. To brush out my brows I used Chanel's brow brush in blonde.
For my lips I moisturized them with the Olio E Osso balm and then played around mixing colors - starting with a shade of red from Ilia's liptstick and then adding a berry toned long lasting (kiss proof!) lip stain overtop by Chanel. I started with a bold lip knowing it would be more subtle by the time we got to the top of the mountain for our ceremony! I also never ended up using a setting spray to make sure my makeup held up, but I didn't feel like I needed it. My bridesmaid Dani did my hair (she always has that perfect Victoria's Secret hair herself so she was more than up for the task!) She curled it and by the time we got to the mountain Mother Nature's wind had its way with me to create a little more of an undone look. One thing I didn't have time to test out was how to style the veil in my hair, so I would recommend taking the time to try that out! Fortunately I had a team of 6 bridesmaids who jumped on that situation on the windy mountain top :) 

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