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Hey Girlfriend

I stumbled upon Girlfriend Collective when I was working on a photography job looking for inspiration on diverse beauty. I was deep in a Pinterest black hole when I found their photos of women of all colors, shapes, and sizes sporting these beautiful colorful athletic wear. Immediately I was curious.

I loved that they cast a diverse group of women to model their garments in a way that felt authentic and the images made me feel happy. They made me want the leggings not because "I need to look like that" but because I saw women of all different shapes, sizes, and ethnicities looking like they felt comfortable, confident, strong, and happy in them, and I wanted to be a part of that... I was intrigued by these images and immediately wanted to learn more about their story. Which is what sealed the deal for me...I found out they are made from recyclables. 
If you read my post on 'Becoming a Conscious Consumer' I talk about researching brands and getting to know their story and what stands out with Girlfriend Collective is just how transparent they are in telling your their whole story from their recycled polyester which is made from post consumer plastic water bottles in in Taiwan, to how the actual fabric gets made, to their environmentally friendly dying process, to the cutting and sewing. They also share in detail that their employees are treated fairly. 
They are making a point to be a part of the change happening in the fashion industry by representing more than one type of women in a way that is raw and natural, and they are making a huge effort to create their garments in a way that does not hurt the earth but actually recycles and makes use of what we already have - slowly (the complete opposite of fast fashion) with lots of care and love. I think it's so cool that I not only feel good in these clothes on a physical level, but I feel good about wearing them on a moral level :) 

PS. they are so soft, supportive in the right places (but not constricting) and comfortable!

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