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How to Create Your Own Zen Den

Creating a sacred space that can be your quiet little haven from the world is important when it comes to finding inner peace, solace, and clearing your mind and energy in order to move forward and create abundance and happiness. You don't need much, and you could even bring a few of these items with you when you travel and set up a mini zen den in your hotel room for some repose. 

Here are a few tips on how to bring it to life...

Pick a space in your home

It doesn't have to be big, even if it's a corner in your apartment. Try to find a space that has good vibes energetically (by a window, or somewhere private where you feel secure and won't be disturbed). I try not to have any clutter or items in the space that don't serve a purpose or offer beauty to the eye.

Make it your own

Pick a textile - a scarf that you love, a throw or rug to fill the space with. I like to gather objects from nature like seashells, dried flower petals, some sage, palo santo wood, crystals, and switch it up between diffusing essential oils, burning some cedar wood incense, or lighting a candle. 

Just be. In Your Zen Den 

  • Journal I like to begin the day by going to my zen den and writing in my journal with a hot cup of ginger tea. Sometimes I'll write an intention, maybe something I'm trying to work through or one word...a feeling or something I want to emulate. 
  • Breathwork Even something simple like breathing in for 4 seconds, holding that breath for 4 seconds, and releasing for 4 seconds - in repitition for several minutes, can help your mind and body.
  • Meditation I used to think meditation was some untouchable state that I couldn't get to but I've come to realize it is just a practice, and the more you practice the easier it gets. I rarely get to that deep meditative state of mind but I experience tiny moments of it, more each time, and for me the act of sitting down to try is rewarding enough. I love to use this space to just sit and be for 5 minutes (you could even do it with a face mask on ;) Just that simple pause of stopping to look out and admire the leaves blowing in the breeze or a bird in the sky. We are so busy being busy it's important to allow ourselves to just observe. I like to meditate to reiki music because I find listening helps quiet my mind or use a guided meditation app like calm and insight *remember to put your phone on do not disturb mode. 
  • Manifestation You can choose a theme of something you want to manifest into your life and let your meditation be an opportunity to visualize yourself in a warm light, with everything your heart desires for yourself, go through the motions and imagine what it feels, smells, and sounds like.
  • Movement hang out in your favorite yoga pose or gently stretch out any areas of your body you might be carrying tension in. 

Hopefully this space can help you to connect with yourself, the ground, Mother Nature, and your spiritual side. If nothing else it is an act of self care to curate a space that caters just to your own personal needs.

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