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Indulging the 5 senses to feel at home on the road

Living out of your suitcase when you're on the road can be exciting and full of adventure but it can also leave you feeling uprooted, with little grounding. After many years of feeling this way I have tried to shift my perspective and believe that home is the people you are with, and the mindset that you hold. I also try to bring things with me wherever I travel that indulge the senses and help to create that mental feeling of home. 

See: I like to take a few photos of my loved ones. Yes you can look at photos on your phone but there is something so nostalgic about having a good old fashioned polaroid or printed photograph to see the people that make you feel at ease. I also take sticky notes of the different creative projects I'm working on. I like to put these above a desk so I'm visually reminded of what I'm working on and sometimes I'll paste up an inspirational image beside them. 

Smell: I bring my VITRUVI diffuser with me on the road and the Bergamot and Geranium essential oils remind me of home. It is a soothing ritual to turn it on, and it can bring a nice calming energy into a hotel room. A compact travel candle is also great to bring. 

Hear: When I'm alone I love to throw on a good podcast. Or put on some music that fits my mood. There is some great meditative music out there which can help create a zen vibe.

Taste: One of the first things I like to do when I land somewhere is go to the grocery story and grab my essentials. It helps me to create a routine and I'm less likely to eat unhealthy foods out on the run if my fridge is stocked with my favorite healthy foods. 

Feel: Bring a blanket or your favorite soft sweatpants...anything that feels comforting. I have a thing for furry feeling pillows, faux lambskin rugs, faux fur coats, yes maybe it's a little much. Anyway... I have a furry hot water bottle I love to bring with me and a soft old t-shirt of my husbands thats almost warn to pieces.

I also like to do my favorite yoga pose - the wide legged forward fold - when I get off the plane and each morning because it makes my body feel so good. Getting outside in nature and feeling the elements around you is another great way to instantly feel grounded in your new environment.

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