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Isolation Hair Treatment by Hair Stylist Kaila Baker

Treatment + Words by Hairstylist & Make Up Artist Kaila baker -- Photograph by Carly Dame

At home hair care is what can take good hair to great hair. I am a long-haired, highlighted blonde(that means more damage and higher maintenance), so I try to do variations of this treatment once a week.  Every time I do this mask and head out into the world, I consistently get compliments on how healthy my hair looks. When we take the time and energy to care for our hair (and ourselves) it shows! 

With this treatment, I like to apply and leave it in my hair as I clean, do laundry, or have a bath. Doing this helps the time fly by and ensures I leave it in for long enough!


1 egg

½ cup coconut milk

1 ripe banana

(feel free to add an extra egg if you have long lengths or high density)

Mixing options are up to you!

I prefer to use a mixer, it gives a slightly frothy texture. 

Using a whisk or fork are also great options!

Apply with an application brush or your hands into brushed out, dry hair. I like to start at the ends and slowly work the mask up. This treatment is great for your scalp so be sure to massage into the skin! 

Wrap cellophane or a plastic bag around the hair then clip into place! This will keep the product from dripping and will use the heat from your scalp to open the cuticle and get the treatment pushed further into your hair! Leave for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly in warm water, shampoo and condition. 

Photograph by Bliss Katherine

Benefits of Ingredients


Protein rich with an abundance of sulfur and biotin which are critical for strong and healthy hair. Using egg in your hair care routine  promotes growth, prevents loss, improves elasticity, curbs breakage, adds shine and glow, and repairs damage.

Coconut milk

Has high amounts of protein, lauric acid and vitamins which also helps contribute to stronger hair! Coconut milk has high hydration potential which is ideal for a dry scalp or ends. Some research shows that when applied to the scalp, it can help slow hair loss.


Rich in natural oils, potassium, carbohydrates and, again, vitamins. All of these amazing benefits help to protect and rejuvenate your hair's natural elasticity, protect against split ends, dryness, and give you extra shine!


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