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Morning Rituals From a Non-Morning Person

I would not consider myself a morning person - as in please don't talk to me and expect me to respond unless I've had a cup of tea ;) However with the support of having a few rituals in place I find I can start my day off in a more positive state of being, and a more energized flow.

A few years ago my mornings could best be described as a foggy, anxiety ridden, rushed dance to get out the door, usually on an empty stomach and I was late for work more often than not. This was not sustainable so I started creating little rituals that began to amount to a routine that would allow me to wake feeling much more clear minded, and grounded mentally and physically.

If getting going in the morning is something you struggle with, it might be helpful to think about areas where you feel you could use more support, time, or love and work on building some rituals around your needs.

Here are a few of my rituals that I've currently got on rotation...


Wake I try to limit the use of my phone 3 hours before bed. Creating this boundary is important for me to set an intention to have sacred time and space to retreat from the busy outside world, and tune inward before falling asleep. I feel so much more calm without the stimulation of technology. I use the 'bedtime' setting on my iPhone to remind me to head to bed and I started keeping my phone out of the room on 'do not disturb mode' which also forces me to get up and out of bed to turn off my alarm when it goes off in the morning. I try to keep a consistent sleep and wake time. I've noticed in the winter I definitely feel like I crave more sleep, so I try to go to bed earlier to allow for that extra hour or two. No matter how early I have to be up I like to give myself at least an hour to enjoy my morning time, and then enough time to get ready.

Cleansing I put a really simple Seabuckthorn Cleansing oil on my face and then take a hot wash cloth and wash it off. It's 100% natural, organic and I like that it doesn't strip my skin of its natural moisture (its also under $20). Then I put on a face serum to moisturize - Kora Organics Noni Glow Oil, which basically contains a bunch of good stuff that creates a beautiful vibrant glow (organic noni extract, rosehip oil, pomegranate oil and sea buckthorn oil, that combine to create a rich source of antioxidants and essential fatty acids.)

Hydrate I drink a glass of water first thing, and try to drink about 3 glasses over the course of the morning. Sometimes I add in a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, squeeze in lemon, or liquid chlorophyll which all aid the body in detoxification. 

Peace of Mind When I am at home and being diligent with my routine (not always ;) I try to meditate first thing in the morning for 10 minutes (5 mins on a busy day). I usually light some cedar wood incense, a candle, or use my diffuser, put on a song and sit in my meditation space. I have a note book I keep there and sometimes I'll write one word that I want to emulate for the day like calm, or grounded, energized, effervescent, present etc and then begin my meditation. I find that just setting an intention for how I want to experience my day makes me more aware of how I am going through the motions throughout the day. 

Movement After the meditation I love to lay on my yoga mat and do some quick gentle stretches or a few yoga poses. After breakfast Ill do a quick 10 min walk with my dog which gets the blood pumping and I find nature to be so energizing.

Energize I used to scoff at people who didn't drink coffee and question their sanity...until about a year ago when I decided to give it a rest. I was only having one cup a day but I found my body was very sensitive to it, and it made me feel shaky and anxious. When I stopped drinking it all together I noticed right away that I was starting off my day feeling more grounded, and felt like my skin improved (maybe because I was staying more hydrated). Now I love green tea or ginger-lemon.

Nourish I also start out my day with a smoothie, I've been doing this for about 10 years now and I love loading it with tons of nutrients to keep my immune system strong (see recipe here). I try to also have something substantial with a fat and protein as well, like a piece of avocado toast with a poached egg and some goat cheese on top. 

Then I take my supplements. Everyones bodies are so different so if you're unsure of which vitamins you might be missing from your diet I recommend seeing a naturopath or nutritionist to find out what works for you. 

Cleanse I find taking a shower to be such a beautiful ritual to not only cleanse the body but the mind. Singing, and letting my mind wander, I often have my most creative thoughts in the shower. I love to use Baeo bare suds organic shower cleanser, it smells of lemon and geranium which also helps to wake up. After I get out I brush my hair and run some olaplex through it. This has been a savior for keeping my hair healthy and strong when I'm color treating it.

Getting Dressed I believe that what you wear and how you present yourself in the world can impact how you feel each day - not on a superficial level, but on a very simple level of putting love and energy towards yourself so that you can radiate love and energy towards others. When Im picking out an outfit I look for something that is above all else comfortable and supportive on my body, and that has a color and a feeling that represents where I'm at. 

I find the act of following a morning routine sends the message to myself that I am starting my day by doing little things to take care of myself. And these little things can add up to feeling energized, confidant, and grounded throughout the day. Humans are creatures of habit so don't be too hard on yourself if you're not a morning person and you find yourself falling back into old habits. Every day is a new day and blank slate to try again. Morning rituals don't have to be elaborate, expensive, or time consuming, they just involve some planning, and showing up for yourself with intention. 


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