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Recipe: Energy Bites

If I know I have a busy schedule coming up I like to use Sunday to prepare meals for the week ahead. These protein packed Energy Bites are the easiest things to make and are a great substitution for protein bars (because you know exactly what's in them, and they don't contain any preservatives). 

Here's the thing guys, Math (and therefore baking) are not my strong points...UNLESS I'm "baking" raw - ENTER Energy Bites...

Here are the ingredients... I can't tell you the measurements because I just throw handfuls into a bowl until it seems like the right consistency and taste. I'm aware I probably make more work for myself, but if you can go along with my relaxed approach you might just love them. 


1 scoop Protein Powder - I like SUNWARRIOR plant based protein - Vanilla flavour 

Hemp seeds 

Chia seeds

Spirulina (1 teaspoon)

Coconut oil (usually at least 1-2 table spoons)

Almond butter (usually at least 1-2 table spoons)

Cacao powder

Maple syrup 

Mix ingredients together in a bowl, stir lots! Get your hands in there and roll about a table spoon of raw dough into a ball. Refrigerate. Pop em' in a Tupperware container, throw em' in your purse and reach for them whenever you need a burst of energy!

*For an extra creamy texture and sweet taste try blending the ingredients with a banana in a vitamix -add a splash of almond milk if needed, be sure to eat the next day as the banana will not keep* 



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