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Wellness Guide for Holiday Travel

Written by Mika Vanwinkle. Mika was born in Japan, raised in the U.S & now lives in Brooklyn. She has been modeling internationally for 10+ years and went to NYU for BA in communications & completed a graduate program at Tufts University in Nutrition Communications. She is a Sky Ting certified yoga teacher and loves to cook in her spare time.  

Ready or not, the holiday season is upon us. While this can be a wonderful time of spirit and joy, this can also mean indulgent meals, and busy travels and stressful interactions. Whatever the holidays may bring, these simple tips can help you stay present and healthy, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Preparation is key – this might sound obvious, but if you’re traveling over the holidays DOUBLE CHECK your itineraries and packing lists! The last thing you need is to have a meltdown at the airport because you forgot your passport/ID or bake a gorgeous pie and leave it at home (Those things have never happened to me, obviously).

Next, create a wellness kit. I travel regularly, so I keep a pre-packed kit in my suitcase at all times. It usually contains a mix of items such as:

  • eye mask
  • melatonin
  • natural hand sanitizer
  • rose water spray
  • packets of magnesium
  • vitamin C
  • green powder
  • compression socks
  • hand lotion
  • lip balm
  • last but not least, ample water

Once you’ve arrived and settled in, take time daily for movement. Get outside with family and friends, or maybe you prefer some time to yourself. Yoga is my way to decompress and reset.

Hydration is also a great counter for overeating. Balance your alcohol and food intake with water, water and more water. If you can, squeeze some fresh lemon for an immunity boost. Foods high in vitamin B such as leafy greens, eggs, and avocados are also great for countering the effects of alcohol and sugar. Rather than focusing on restriction, see what foods and nutrients you can add to feel your best.

Taking a digital detox can lead to better sleep, more engaging conversations and greater presence in the moment. What better time for this transformation than the holidays? Don’t worry, it’ll all be waiting for you as soon as you come back from your hiatus.

If you take only one thing from this article, remember to breathe! Inhale as deeply as you can, keeping the arms and shoulders relaxed by your side. Hold the breath for 4 to 6 seconds, or as long as you choose. On the exhale, gently release all of the breath outward, with calm, control. Repeat 10 times. It takes one minute, you can do it anytime and anywhere, and it might just change your life.

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