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Portraits - Womanhood

Portraits - Womanhood

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“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious”


I believe occasions to be photographed shouldn’t be limited to an engagement, wedding, or pregnancy. These portrait sessions are an opportunity to be fully seen and captured at whatever part of your unique journey you are on, and a time to honor yourself to let what is inside shine outward. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a career or personal milestone, or moving through a challenging transitional time in life, these photos will be (he)art work for you to hold onto and reflect on forever. A personal keepsake, or something to proudly share with a partner, friends or family. 

I have created a guided process working 1:1 to support you in moving through any limiting beliefs that you may have before we begin shooting. Together we will discuss what is present for you at this moment in your life and I will offer tools to help you to unfold the protective layers, and let your true self move freely in front of the camera.

Visit www.taylormckaysphotography.com to view my portfolio + testimonials.


  • Options to shoot in studio and/or outside on the beach. My home studio is located along the boardwalk between Venice and Santa Monica. 

  • A phone consultation to connect and define your personal goals for the session and get an understanding of your style, and ethos.

  • A mood board curated specifically for you for inspiration pre-shoot

  • A guided meditation to ground your mind, body and spirit

  • Coaching to support you in moving in front of the camera and embolden you to express yourself freely

  • Approximately 50 carefully captured, edited, high resolution, photographs a few weeks post-shoot

To book a session email info@thetournesol.com *due to COVID-19 sessions are not currently in progress.